Revolutionizing Robotics, How RT-1 is Paving the Way for Intelligent Machines

Great progress of robotics and learning from language models.

Researchers at OpenAI have developed the Robotics Transformer 1 (RT-1), a machine learning model that’s designed to help robots learn from large and diverse datasets.

RT-1, which is built on a transformer architecture, takes a short history of images from a robot’s camera alongside task descriptions, expressed in natural language, as inputs and directly outputs tokenized actions such as motor commands.

RT-1 is trained on a real-world robotics dataset of 130,000 episodes covering over 700 tasks, and is able to exhibit improved zero-shot generalisation to new tasks and environments compared to previous techniques.

RT-1 is also able to compress image tokens and adaptively select soft combinations that can be compressed based on their impact towards learning, resulting in a more than 2.4x inference speed-up.

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Author: robot learner
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