How to setup a simple proxy server using fastapi

Following code shows how to set up a simple proxy server using fastapi.

from fastapi import FastAPI, Request
from fastapi.responses import HTMLResponse
import httpx
import uvicorn

app = FastAPI()

async def proxy(request: Request, path: str, scheme: str = "http"):
url = f"{scheme}://{path}"
async with httpx.AsyncClient() as client:
response = await client.get(url, headers=request.headers, params=request.query_params)
return HTMLResponse(content=response.text, status_code=response.status_code)

def main():"app:app", host="", port=8000, log_level="info")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Put that code into a python file, such as, launch the app on your server, for example, if locally just do:


Once the fastapi is turned on, one can browse websites like this:


However, Notice that, this basic example will not work correctly for websites like, as it does not handle cookies, JavaScript, and other dynamic content. Implementing a full-featured proxy server that can handle such websites is beyond the scope of a simple answer, but you can explore existing proxy server projects like mitmproxy or Tinyproxy for inspiration and guidance.

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