Your GitHub Contributions Not Counted? Check Your Email Setup on Git


GitHub, as the largest code hosting platform, allows developers to showcase their contributions to open-source projects and collaborate with others. However, you might find that your contributions are not being counted accurately. One crucial aspect that can impact this is your email setup on Git. In this blog post, we will explore how to ensure your email address is properly configured to track your contributions accurately.

Why is Your Email Address Important?

Git uses the email address associated with your commits to identify you as the author. When you make a contribution to a repository, the email address linked to your commits is used to attribute the contribution to your GitHub account. It helps in generating valuable statistics, such as your commit history, activity, and contributions graph.

Checking Your Current Email Setup

To check the email address currently set up in Git, you can use the following command in the terminal:

git config

If this command returns an empty result, it means no email address is configured.

Setting Up Your Email Address

To configure your email address in Git, use the following command:

git config --global ""

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