What does Bill Gates Think of Large Language Model and AI agents

In his blog post “AI is about to completely change how you use computers,” dated November 9, 2023, Bill Gates discusses the imminent transformation in computing due to advancements in AI, particularly focusing on AI agents. Gates highlights the limitations of current software, requiring users to navigate different applications for varied tasks. He predicts that within five years, AI agents will change this dynamic, allowing users to simply instruct their devices in natural language to perform diverse tasks, based on a deep understanding of the user’s life.

These AI agents, a concept Gates has contemplated for nearly three decades, will be capable of performing a wide range of tasks across different applications, continuously learning and adapting to user behavior and preferences. This will mark the most significant revolution in computing since the shift from command-line interfaces to graphical user interfaces.

Key Highlights:

  • Current Software Limitations: Current software requires navigating various applications for different tasks.

  • The Role of AI Agents: In the next five years, AI agents will enable users to perform a wide range of tasks by simply instructing their devices in natural language. These agents will understand and adapt to user’s personal lives, marking a significant shift in computing.

  • Transformative Sectors:

    1. Healthcare: AI agents will assist in triage, health advice, and support healthcare workers.
    2. Education: Agents will supplement teaching, providing personalized learning and reducing teachers’ administrative work.
    3. Productivity: Enhancements in productivity tools, assisting in diverse tasks and decision making.
    4. Entertainment and Shopping: Personalizing recommendations based on individual preferences.
  • Future of Computing: AI agents are predicted to become the next major computing platform, simplifying app and service creation, but also raising technical and ethical challenges.

  • Challenges and Considerations: Includes data privacy, security, potential misuse, and the impact on personal relationships and societal structures.


Gates foresees a profound impact on society and the software industry, as AI agents democratize services, change our interaction with technology, and challenge existing business models.

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