How to Remove and Reinstall OrbStack on macOS

If you encountered a failed installation of OrbStack on your macOS and received an error message stating that your CPU time is not supported, there may be an issue with the installation process. This guide will walk you through the steps to remove the installed OrbStack and perform a successful reinstallation.

Step 1: Remove the Previously Installed OrbStack

  1. Open Terminal on your macOS. You can find it by going to Applications > Utilities > Terminal or by using Spotlight Search (Command + Space) and typing “Terminal”.

  2. In the Terminal, type the following command to remove the installed OrbStack:

    rm -rf /Applications/

This command will permanently delete the OrbStack application from your system.

Step 2: Reinstall OrbStack using Homebrew

  1. Once the removal process is complete, you can now proceed with reinstalling OrbStack.

  2. In the Terminal, use the following command to reinstall OrbStack using Homebrew:

    brew reinstall --cask orbstack

    This command will automatically download and install the latest version of OrbStack on your macOS.

  3. After the installation is complete, you can launch OrbStack by typing the following command in the Terminal:


    This will open the OrbStack dashboard.

  4. To start using Docker containers, make sure to turn on the Docker service from the OrbStack dashboard.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed and reinstalled OrbStack on your macOS. You can now utilize Docker containers without any issues.

Author: robot learner
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